Review of Baxter’s Iron Winter



Stephen Baxter’s illustrious career as an author of science fiction has become increasingly characterized by the desire to explore the long-term implications of variable initial conditions on societal change. This has included several attempts to try to predict the ultimate end of the universe and the reasons by which that end might come. In this current series – Iron Winter is the third of the Northland series and there must surely be at least one more to come – the focus is planetary rather than cosmic and the variable condition is global climate change.

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Climate Change Management: Cleaner Fleets

Fleets of vehicles – buses, trucks, vans – are essential parts of providing  government as well as private sector services and that means they have a role in  promoting development. Buses provide mass transit, usually at comparatively low  cost, which help people in remote areas improve their quality of life and  connect people with their places of work if they cannot find work nearby or  cannot afford to live near to their place of work – this is a situation that is  increasingly common in the cities of the developed world,  which rely on low cost labour from service workers but force them to live long  distances away and this greatly reduces their standard of living.

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Climate Change Management: Exotic Pests

There has always been migration of plants and animals around the world: it is  after all how small islands became habitable. Animals have been known to catch  lifts on driftwood or other floating items, rats have travelled around the world as unwanted guests in  the holds of ships and many plants are actually designed to  propagate by  spreading their seeds to the winds.

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Climate Change Management: Risk Assessment

Risk is a curious phenomenon that most people fail to assess properly. We each  of us have some particular events of which we are disproportionately scared,  whether it might be house invasion, aeroplane accident or being bitten by a wild  or dangerous animal that is far out of proportion to its likelihood (that does  not mean that it cannot happen, just that it is much less likely than we might  believe).

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