Shinawatra University Ranks 7th in Thailand for Peer Reviewing

One important way to measure the academic quality of a university is through the willingness and ability of its faculty members to conduct anonymous peer reviews. Currently, Shinawatra University ranks 7th in Thailand in this regard (

The Publons website ranks universities according to a points system which shows a top ten of:

  1. Khon Kaen     1,390
  2. Chulalongkorn 1,204
  3. Mahidol          1,001
  4. Assumption    455
  5. Walailak          366
  6. Srinakhinwirot    265
  7. Shinawatra        195
  8. Kasetsart             157
  9. Chiang Mai         128
  10. Rangsit               126

No doubt other ranking systems exist but I’m going with this one.



Peer Reviewing

One of the less visible tasks of being in the academic business is doing peer reviews – I rely on people doing peer reviews for the SIU Journal of Management and for the Emerald Emerging Market Case Studies Collection so it is only fitting that I do them for other editors when they ask me. So far this year, therefore, I have peer reviewed for (among others): ASEAN Journal of Marketing; Global Journal of Economics and Finance; British Journal of Education, Society and Behavioural Science; South Asian Journal of Business and Management CasesJournal of Amity Business School; Global Journal of Political Science and International Relations; Acta Universitatis Danubius Oeconomica; African Journal of Business Management; Journal of Research in International Business and Management and the Global Journal of Business, Management and Accounting.