Nepalese Journal of Management Science and Research, Vol.2 (2017)



Executive Summary

Editor’s Introduction

Original Articles

Contribution of Education, Health and Economic Growth in Socioeconomic
Development of Nepal: A Long Run Causality Using Time Series Data – Prof. Dr. Hab A.Z. Nowak and Gangadhar Dahal                                                                                             1 – 12

Analysing the Nepali Stock Market with Stochastic Models – Karan S. Thagunna, Rafal M. Lochowski                                                                                                                             13 – 22

The Threat of Cyberattack in East Asia – Choakchai Eaimrittikrai                            23 – 28

The Usage of Non-Biodegradable Packaging Materials, Recycling Strategies
and Impacts on the Environment: the Case of Bahrain – Arpita Dutta                     29 – 37

Why Co-operatives? – Subrata Mukherjee and Manoranjan Das                               38 – 45
Influence of Pester Power on Family Purchase Decisions in Urban India
– Nagendra, Asha, Kaveri Khorana, Shobit Kumar and Swapnil Dutta                    46 – 50

Issues in Cluster Development for SMEs in Thailand – Amarjeet Mastana Singh   51 – 59

Impact of the Work-Life Balance on the Buying Behaviour of Working Mothers
at the Executive Level in Mandalay, Myanmar – Sandi Win                                       60 – 66

Book Reviews

Unequal Thailand: Aspects of Income, Wealth and Power – Pasuk Phongpaichit and Chris Baker by John Walsh                                                                                                      67 – 68

Gods of Metal – Eric Schlosser by John Walsh                                                           69 – 70

The Extreme Centre: A Warming – Tariq Ali by John Walsh                                   71 – 72

The full text will be available at the SIU library website and via the Global College International in Kathmandu shortly.


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