Perception of Employers towards Career Development Program for Employees in Organizations

Announcing: Oo, Ambrose Aung Khin and John Walsh, “Perception of Employers towards Career Development Program for Employees in Organizations,” Recent Issues in Human Resource Management, Vol.1, No.2 (2017), pp.1-26, available at:


Abstract: It is obvious that the employers today are more concerned about getting skillful and qualified employees in the world of job. There is a high demand for retention, career advancement and employee development in order to meet the need of the objectives of the organizations. Otherwise, organizations that fail to allow employees to meet their individual needs will probably be losing their valued employees. This research paper will examine the perception of Employers towards Career Development program in developing and retaining their employees. A career development program will definitely attract some employees to acquire knowledge, skills and abilities to enhance his/her current job and prepare them for their future job opportunities as well as increasing the quality of work in organizations. Training provides employees to develop career goals and create a better plan within the context of the organizational objectives. As the country economy is opening up, it is essential that organizations put a great effort and value on career development program. This will allow employees to fulfill their career needs, and organizations will benefit by retaining a greater number of their competent and qualified employees. Key words: Career development, Retention, Training, Job satisfaction, qualified



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