Operations Practices in the Book Manufacturing Industry: The Case of UBrand Co. Ltd.

Announcing: Ny, Sun and John Walsh, “Operations Practices in the Book Manufacturing Industry: The Case of UBrand Co. Ltd.,” International Review of Management and Development Studies,” Vol.1, No.2 (2017), pp.19-54, available at: http://crcltd.org/images/Operations_Practices_in_the_Book_Manufacturing_Industry_The_Case_of_UBRAND_CO._LTD.PDF.


Abstract: Now a day, Myanmar new government encourages the private manufacturing sector especially basic goods manufacturing, to produce high quality product at reasonable price. Therefore, the numbers of private manufacturing firms are gradually increasing in Myanmar free market economy. Among these manufacturing firms, book manufacturing industry is producing essential products for human beings especially students and others who are involving in the learning organizations. Our research will base on the ideas of how that business can effectively utilize its operations management activities to enjoy higher revenue, to produce good quality products and to gain cost advantage of “Ubrand” book manufacturing firm, a wellknown brand in book manufacturing industry. The objectives of the study are to analyze the product design, process design, quality management, location, layout, supply chain and maintenance of “Ubrand” book manufacturing firm. The product design of “Ubrand” book manufacturing firm was established with the ideas and concepts from customers, competitors, and supplier. Descriptive research method has been mainly used and also qualitative research method. Data was collected by in-depth interview with operations mangers of respective departments. Moreover, this paper discovers that the firm is weak in practicing systematic quality control. This study is based on the operation management practices and thus it most decision is rely on consumer satisfaction based. Thus a survey with questionnaire techniques was adopted to the sample consumer in order to know consumer behavior in relating with “Ubrand” firm product. Keywords: Manufacturing, Brands, Book Industry, Price, Quality

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