Upgrading Employees’ Skills in Thai SMEs Sustainably

March  cover_001-page-001.jpg

Announcing: Ngaochay, Thanee and John Walsh, “Upgrading Employees’ Skills in Thai SMEs Sustainably,” Pacific Business Review International, Vol.9, No.9 (March, 2017), available at: http://pbr.co.in/March%202017/15.pdf.

Abstract: Sustainably upgrading employee skills in SMEs is a continuous process involving improving the ability of employees. It is an attempt to improve their current and future performance and employers should keep a track on their performance after receiving reports on training so as to enable assessment. The systematic process of adjusting the behaviour of employees should be one of the goals of any organization in a volatile environment. A training plan is an effort by employersto provide opportunities for employees to acquire job-related skills, attitudes and knowledge. In order to meet growing and changing demand, SMEs have to be dynamic and pro-active with respect to the environment in order to achieve success. Consequently, many if not most SMEs implement training and development plans at the time of orientation, promotion and in other situations. This research paper makes an attempt to study how Thai SMEs try to upgrade their employees’ skills sustainably and the impact of this in generating greater efficiency of the employees concerned.

Keywords: Thai SMEs, Employees’ skills, principles of Buddhism, Sufficiency economy.


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