Factors Affecting Physicians’ Satisfaction with the Clinical Laboratory Services of Private Laboratories in Mandalay


Win, Sandar Tin and John Walsh, “Factors Affecting Physicians’ Satisfaction with the Clinical Laboratory Services of Private Laboratories in Mandalay,” The Myanmar Journal, Vol.4, No.1 (2017), available at: http://www.komyra.com/bbs/board.php?bo_table=articles&wr_id=64.


Abstract: Physicians are primary customers of laboratory services and their perception of the provided services is considered an important measure of quality assurance. This study investigates the factors affecting the physicians’ satisfaction with clinical laboratory services of 5-7 big and medium-sized private laboratories in Mandalay, to find out the problems causing dissatisfaction in different factors and identify the areas need to improve in laboratory process. The study measured satisfaction of laboratories’ primary customer (physicians) of provided services in different aspects including the quality and reliability of the result, the efficiency of laboratory personnel, laboratory management responsiveness, phlebotomy service ,  turnaround time TAT and laboratory information system. Physician satisfaction paper-based survey of 5-Likert Scale, (1=very satisfied, 2=satisfied, 3=neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, 4= dissatisfied, and 5= very dissatisfied) was developed based on the CAP survey (College of American Pathologists) and related published studies. One hundred and five physicians complete the survey. The result shows that, there are significant correlations between physicians’ satisfaction with the other four independent variables (service attitude of laboratory personnel, phlebotomy service, quality and reliability of results, and efficiency of laboratory personnel).  More than half of the respondents were satisfied with overall laboratory services (N=62 (59.05%). Physicians were most satisfied with lab information system (easy & clear report and reference range reported). However, physicians were most dissatisfied with the test turnaround times (TAT) for urgent, and routine tests. Statistically significant association was mostly observed between physician satisfaction and service length. This study presented areas need to improve of laboratory services at the private laboratories in Mandalay, which mainly related to administration, communication, quality and delay in TAT. The efficiency and optimization of laboratory service need to be readdressed by the laboratory administration. Effective extra laboratory communication channels needed to be established to improve interaction between laboratory and physicians.

Keywords : Physician satisfaction, Laboratory services, TAT, Laboratory management, Results accuracy


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