The Main Causes of the Intentions of Employee Turnover in Mandalay


Tha, Zudith and John Walsh, “The Main Causes of the Intentions of Employee Turnover in Mandalay,” Recent Issues in Human Resource Management, Vol.1, No.1 (December, 2016), pp.112-41, available at:


Purpose – The purpose of this study is to know the main causes of employees’ turnover intention in Mandalay based local industries and develop better HRM strategies. Nowadays, as our country is developing quickly, more businesses both local businesses and foreign businesses are being opened and the competition get higher and higher. So, to compete among strong businesses, we not only need very good business strategies but also need very good Human Resources Management (HRM) strategies. When we concern or learn about good strategies, whether business strategies or HRM strategies, we cannot keep or practice the same strategies everywhere and anytime because their effectiveness can be different depending on different geographies, cultures, and social influences and so on. So, we need different strategies depending on many different factors. On the other hand, to develop a strategy, we need clear data to analyze and to help us develop the needed strategies. That’s the reasons; this study wants to know the main causes of employees’ turnover intention in Mandalay perspective and want to know how to reduce them.

Design/methodology/approach – This paper investigated the impact of organizational commitment and perceived organizational support on the turnover intention of employees of industries in Mandalay. Interview data are collected from the simple size of 35 people. Most of the interviews are employees who are lower levels in organizations. The interviews are more about what the main reasons that cause turnover intention are and why the employees have left their jobs and why do they choose their new jobs and what kind of job they prefer. Moreover, Mell Mobile application is also used to collect some votes relating to employees’ turnover intention. In Mell Mobile application, the questions: “What is your main current difficulty in your workplace? What kind of job will you choose if you find a new job? What made you quit your job in your previous job” are asked and 30 to 50 people have voted in each question? In Mell Mobile application, all the votes’ results are shown with percentage automatically. In each question, the voters have three alternative answers to choose. For the first The qualitative data analysis is done. The result of this study finds out what are the main reasons that cause employee turnover intention and what can make the employees happy in their work and loyal to their jobs in Mandalay based industries.

Findings – The study showed that the main causes of employees’ turnover intention in Mandalay based industries are Relationship and conflicts, long working hours, low salary, the differences of employees’ interests and their jobs, mismatch skills, weak leadership.

Research limitations – The main limitation is the sample size used and the second is most of the interviewees are low levels of the employees and who have got about 1-3 years’ work experience.

Key Words: Employees, Pillar, Turnover Intention, Organization, Mandalay Perspective.


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