Rhythm Analysis and Everyday Politics on a Bangkok Soi: The Case of Inthamara


Walsh, John, “Rhythm Analysis and Everyday Politics on a Bangkok Soi: The Case of Inthamara,” International Journal of Development and Management Sciences, Vol.1, No.1 (December, 2016), pp.87-102, available at: http://crcltd.org/images/Rhythm%20Analysis%20and%20Everyday%20Politics%20on%20a%20Bangkok%20%20%20%20%20Soi%20The%20Case%20of%20Inthamara.pdf.


Inthamara is a Bangkok city-Centre soi (alley) ecology that is undergoing a transition from being community-based to being marketbased. This paper reports on research conducted under a naturalistic inquiry approach to document the daily events that take place along the soi and then documents results that are analyses from the perspective of Lefebvre’s rhythm analysis and everyday politics. It becomes evident that the soi is used as thoroughfare, as private and public space, work, commercial and sacred space in an overlapping and co-existent way that varies according to time of day and season of the year, among other factors. Space is reconfigured into market commodities and then recycled in various ways. Interactions with the state, on the other hand, take place on both the formal and more commonly informal manner that is being reordered by policies put in place since the 2014 military coup.


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