SIU Journal of Management, Vol.6, No.2 (December, 2016)

Volume 6, Number 2, December, 2016

Download the full issue 6-2-full.


Editor’s Introduction 4 (6-2-editor)

1. The Future of the Ready-Made Garment Industry of Bangladesh – Mohammed S. Chowdhury, Zahurul Alam and Mohammed Mizanur Rahman (6-2-chowdhury)  7

2. Effectiveness of Collective Bargaining as a Tool for Industrial Disputes Resolution – Obadara, Olabanji E. (6-2-obadara)  34

3. Public Private Partnerships: a Study on the Power Sector of Bangladesh – Suman Dey, Md. Sahidur Rahman and Mouri Dey (6-2-dey)  53

4. An Empirical Study of Corporate Governance and Banks’ Performance in Vietnamese Commercial Banks – Nguyen Thi Hoai Thu, Pham Manh Hung and Thi Lan Anh (6-2-thu) 87

9th International Conference on Management, Finance and Entrepreneurship and the 8th International Conference on Global Business Environment, Shinawatra International University, Graduate Campus, Bangkok, July 23rd, 2016  (6-2-ifrd)  116

International Case Management Conference, 2016, BIMTECH, Greater Noida, India, December 1st-2nd, 2016 (6-2-icmc)  120

Food Insecurity Experience Workshop with Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) (6-2-fies)  124

1. Piketty, Thomas, The Economics of Inequality – by John Walsh (6-2-piketty) 127
2. United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, Transformative Industrial Policy for Africa – by John Walsh  (6-2-uneca)  130
3. Heidegger, Martin, Nature History State 1933-1934 – by John Walsh (6-2-heidegger) 135

CALL FOR PAPERS                                    (6-2-cfp)            140
AUTHOR’S GUIDELINES                         (6-2-author)     142
ABOUT SHINAWATRA UNIVERSITY    (6-2-about)       145
EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD              (6-2-eab)           147


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