Challenges of Urbanization in East Asia

Vol1is2 july 16_Cover with index-page-001

Announcing: Palasak, Ratana and John Walsh, “Challenges of Urbanization in East Asia,” Pacific Business Review International, Vol.9, No.1 (July, 2016), pp.101-8, available at:


This paper addresses the issues surrounding urbanization in the East Asian region. The paper begins by considering the reasons for urbanization and, therefore, the nature and shape of that urbanization. It then goes on to consider the various impacts of the phenomenon as they have affected social and workplace relations, as a result of changes in lifestyles and environment. This leads to the consideration of the agglomeration effects of urbanization and the possibilities and prospects for networked cities in the region. It is concluded that numerous structural and systemic changes must be made by nearly every state in the region before the benefits of networked and smart cities can be harvested.



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