SIU Journal of Management, Vol.6, No.1 (June, 2016)

The SIU Journal of Management, Vol.6, No.1 (June, 2016) has now been published. It is available here: SIU JM 6.1 June 2016 Full.

Here is the table of contents:


Volume 6, Number 1, June, 2016
Editor’s Introduction (Editor Introduction)  4


1. Location Factors and Their Performance Measures for a Sustainable Urban Freight Consolidation Centre (UFCC) – Afzal Mohammad Khaled and Zahurul Zlam (Afzal Zahurul UFCC)  7
2. Do Regulations Impact on CSR Delivery by Corporates? A Case Study of India – Shailja Dixit (6.1. Dixit)  31
3. Exploring the Relationship between Course Curriculum and Leadership Skills Development among Business Graduates in Bangladesh – Mohammad Howladar (61. Howladar)  53
4. Internet, Intranets and Extranets in Organizations: An Integrative Literature – Mahmoud Moussa (6.1. Moussa)  80


The 8th International Conference on Management, Finance and Entrepreneurship and the  10th International Conference on Economics and Social Sciences (The 8th International Conference on Management)  116


1. Event by Slavoj Zizek – John Walsh (Zizek Event)  120
2. Inequality and the 1% by Danny Dorling – John Walsh (Dorling Inequality)  123
3. Spatial Politics and Economic Development in the Mekong Sub-Region by Chayan Vaddhanaphuti and Amporn Jirattikorn, eds. – John Walsh (Chayan Vaddhanaphuti and Amporn Jirattikor) 127

CALL FOR PAPERS                                                                                                                        131

AUTHOR’S GUIDELINES                                                                                                             133

ABOUT SHINAWATRA UNIVERSITY                                                                                        135

EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD                                                                                                  137


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