Evaluation of the Institutional Approach to Tourism in Thailand


Last week I attended the Fourth International Conference on Hospitality and Tourism Management held at the Lotus Bangkok Hotel here in the City of Angels (more details at: http://tourismconference.co/). It went well and I presented this paper:


Thanan Apivantanaporn and John Walsh (corresponding author)

Shinawatra University, Thailand


It is not by accident that tourism has become a leading element in the economic development of Thailand. Although tourism relies principally upon the private sector, it has been significantly supported by public sector agencies, principally the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). The TAT has designed various strategies to promote Thailand as a destination overall and in terms of specific sites within the country. Its attention has also been directed towards the promotion of domestic tourism through the creative city concept and, with the assistance of Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Authority (DASTA), the low carbon tourism concept. Other government agencies have assisted in the promotion of health tourism and it is possible that the special economic zone and industrial cluster policies will also have an impact on tourism development. At a time when the rest of the economy is faltering, tourism has become even more important and it is necessary to understand how policy for tourism development is evolving to deal with changing circumstances. This paper aims to document and evaluate tourism development policy in Thailand by identifying the institutions involved in formulating and enacting such policy and evaluating both the projects and plans involved and the implementation of them. Policy recommendations are drawn from the analysis.

Keywords: economic development, institutions, public sector, Thailand, tourism 



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