Journal of Shinawatra University, Vol.2, No.2 (2015)

This is the table of contents for the Vol.2, No.2 issue of the Journal of Shinawatra University (which has suffered delays in production for various reasons):

Journal of Shinawatra University

Volume 2, Number 2, May-Aug, 2015

Table of Contents

Editor’s Introduction

Invited Paper: Andrew Elliott: Measuring the Internationalisation of Higher Education in Thailand: Milestones, Methods, Models and Mapping

Peer Reviewed Papers

  1. Professional Women Working for MNCs: Why Are There So Few? – Sabine Menon
  2. Exploring Contribution of Spiritual and Emotional Intelligences (SI & EI) of young Management Graduates to responsible Business Leadership – Himanshi Tiwari
  3. Socio-Economic Opportunities for Rural People of Myanmar: Evidence from a Government Credit Scheme in Mandalay Region – Myo Naing Aung
  4. Study on the accounting personnel selection system in the computerization environment in China – Liu Xiaodong and Li Yang

Book Reviews

Being and Event – Alain Badiou, by John Walsh

Interesting Times: A Twentieth-Century Life – Eric Hobsbawm, by John Walsh

The Chiang Tung Wars: War and Politics in Mid-19th Century Siam and Burma – John Sterling Forssen Smith, by John Walsh

General Editorial Policies                                      


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