Nepalese Journal of Management Science and Research, Vol.1, No.1 (February, 2016)


Volume 1, Number 1 of the Nepalese Journal of Management Science and Research will be published in February, 2016 by Global College International, Kathmandu and the SIU Research Centre in Thailand, with myself as chief editor. ISSN: 2467-9356.

This is the table of contents of the first issue:

Foreword and Executive Producer by Prof. Dr. Karan Singh Thagunna  p.iii

Editor’s Introducion by John Walsh p.v

Original Articles

High Performance Work Practices Facilitating Employee Engagement: A Study of PSUs in Delhi NCR – Pooja Misra and Jaya Gupta pp.1 – 15
Determinants of the Mobile Handset Purchase Decision of the
Youth in NCR- India – Archana Singh and Ritu Srivastava pp.16 – 21
Factors Affecting Retailer Perceptions for the Sale of Snacking
Products through Traditional Trade Retail Outlets in India – Gagan Katiyar pp.22 – 32
Space and Workplace Issues for Nepalese Female Entrepreneurs,
Street Vendors and Employees – Reema Thakur pp.33 – 43
Identity and Integration in the Asia-Pacific Region through the
Prism of Tourism: Taiwan & Japan – Lin Fan, Lavanchawee
Sujarittanonta and Arunee Lertkornkitja pp.44 – 54
Foreign Direct Investment in Cambodia’s Telecommunications
Industry – Fuangfa Ampornstira pp.55 – 64

Book Reviews
Going Universal: How 24 Developing Countries Are Implementing
Universal Health Coverage Reforms from the Bottom up – Cotlear, Daniel, Somil Nagpal, Owen Smith, Ajay Tandon and Rafael Cortez by John Walsh pp.65 – 66
Capitalism: A Ghost Story – Roy, Arundhati by John Walsh pp.67 – 68

Guidelines for Authors pp.69-70.

Please consider the double-blind peer-reviewed hard copy journal the Nepalese Journal of Management Science and Research as a venue for your research paper. Submit to or directly to the editor (


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