Seasonal Labour Migration from a Rural Nepalese Village


Dilip Kumar Jha and John Walsh, “Seasonal Labour Migration from a Rural Nepalese Village,” International Journal of Migration and Residential Mobility,” forthcoming article:

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to explore the nature and extent of seasonal labour migration among a sample of villagers in Janakpur province of Nepal. Personal interviewing was combined with ethnographic observation with content analysis of the database of findings subsequently conducted. The system of migration is persistent rather than stable; work is available in natural resource extraction or processing facilities and urban environments. The former is easier to plan for than the latter, which can be risky and some migrants are unable to support themselves. The research is limited in both space and time and, owing to the lack of knowledge about the working practices of people in this area, can be considered to be exploratory in nature Better networking and information provision would help migrants find regular jobs and to avoid wasting time and money. The system as it currently exists does little if anything to improve the lives of the migrants and their families overall other than to try to meet sudden unexpected expenses. Otherwise, it seems to provide very little benefit to any stakeholder. Few studies exist that help to indicate how rural Nepal is becoming linked with international markets and what the impacts of such links might be. It is shown that, under current circumstances, few benefits are yet flowing to the Nepalese village studied.
Keywords: migration; Nepal; India; seasonal work; rural



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