The Development of Dawei Special Economic Zone


Announcing: Walsh, John, “The Development of Dawei Special Economic Zone,” The Myanmar Journal, Vol.2, No.2 (2015), pp.9-26, available at:

Abstract: This paper uses a case study approach to explore the role of the Dawei special economic zone (SEZ) in the economic development of Myanmar, in the context of promotion of cross-border investment by neighbouring Thailand, which intends to take advantage of the presence of that SEZ. The SEZ is due to be built by the Thai corporation ITD, which has been facing problems with the mobilization of sufficient amounts of capital, resistance at the local level, political disturbances and other issues. Is it possible for this project to be completed and, if so, what are the difficulties (in addition to those already enumerated) that should be overcome and how should the resultant issues be addressed. The potential impacts of this development and the prospects of it being completed are also considered.

Key words: Asian Highway Network, connectivity, industry, Myanmar, special economic zone,


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