Thitsar-Yazar Hospital: A Case Study of Mandalay’s Social and Economic Change


Announcing: Walsh, John and Petcharat Lovichakorntikul, “Thitsar-Yazar Hospital: A Case Study of Mandalay’s Social and Economic Change,” The Myanmar Journal, Vol.2, No.1 (2015), pp.1-10, available at:

Abstract: Located in Myanmar’s northern capital of Mandalay, Thitsar-Yazar hospital is a private sector healthcare provider competing in a newly-opening economy making a transition from a command closed economy to one that is open and treading a path to democracy. This paper investigates the development of the local health service at a time of significant economic change through conducting a case study of a privately-owned hospital in Mandalay, which is the second city of the country and located in its north. It is shown that the hospital is required to overcome various infrastructural and human resources issues in order to achieve its goals. As Mandalay and Myanmar more generally undergo economic development, perhaps at a rapid pace, the healthcare sector will also rapidly develop and it is a sector of the economy which could prove to be of great value in the long-term. *

Key words: economic development, healthcare, market development, Myanmar, private sector



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