Prospects for Thailand’s Fishing Industry

IMG_1565 IMG_1561

This is the paper I gave at the recent conference in Surabaya: Prospects for Thailand’s Fishing Industry, in addition to my keynote address on getting published.


Fishing is one of Thailand’s more important industries and represents a valuable source of export earnings. Yet the industry is facing many difficulties, ranging from the unsustainable practices of over-fishing to abuses of workers at various stages of production. Recent reports have indicated widespread criminal activity in the supply chain and in the trafficking of migrants and the industry’s reputation was not helped by the suggestion from Thailand’s military dictatorship that prisoners would be sent to work on some boats. This paper investigates the issues facing the fishing industry and assesses what forms of governance will be brought into being in the foreseeable future. It is argued that significant restraints will need to be put in place and that industry actors should respond by improving the efficiency of their operations and their ability to add value to what might otherwise be interchangeable commodities.

Keywords: fishing, governance, labour market, supply chain, Thailand


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