Publication Record in 2014

Now that the last remaining publications from 2014 are starting to appear, I can begin to add up all those I have managed through the year. As it stands, I published four books, twelve academic papers (two SCOPUS-listed), five book chapters and 40 book reviews. These are the details:


Walsh, John, ed., Proceedings of an International Workshop on Korean Trade and Investment in the Greater Mekong Subregion (Bangkok: Shinawatra University Press, 2014).

Arreenich, Thosapol, John Walsh and Makha Khittasangka, eds., ASEAN Community Knowledge Networks for the Economy, Society, Culture, and Environmental Stability: International Conference Proceedings (Chiang Mai: Santipab Print Co. Ltd., 2014), ISBN: 978616742684-8, two volumes.

Walsh, John, Proceedings of the 1st Shinawatra University International Conference: Public and Private Sectors: Governance Development and Innovation, January 30-31st, 2013 (Bangkok: Shinawatra University Press, 2014).

Walsh, John, Proceedings of the International Conference on Communication in the Era of the ASEAN Economic Community (Bangkok: Shinawatra University Press, 2014).

Academic Papers

Maung, Nay Lynn Yin and John Walsh, “Decision Factors in Medical Tourism: Evidence from Burmese Visitors to a Hospital in Bangkok,” Journal of Economics and Behavioral Studies, Vol.6, No.2 (February, 2014), pp.84-94.

Pinyochatchinda, Supaporn and John Walsh, “Pollution Management and Industrial Estates: Perceptions of Residents in the Vicinity of Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate, Thailand,” Information Management and Business Review, Vol.6, No.1 (February, 2014), pp.42-8, available at:

Walsh, John, “Business Strategies Used by Micro-SMEs in a Bangkok Street Market,” Journal of Enterprising Communities, Vol.8, No.2 (2014), pp.147-58, doi: 10.1108/JEC-02-2013-0001.

Chintraruck, Alin and John Walsh, “Water Privatization during Rising Demand: The Case of Southern Thailand,” Pacific Business Review, Vol.6, No.9 (March, 2014), pp.15-20, available at;

Nguyen, Nancy Huyen and John Walsh, “Vietnamese Migrant Workers in Thailand – Implications for Leveraging Migration for Development,” Journal of Identity and Migration Studies, Vol.8, No.1 (2014), pp.68-94, available at:

Walsh, John, “Joint Operation of a Special Economic Zone by Enemies: The Case of Kaesong Industrial Complex,” The International Journal of Nepalese Academy of Management, Vol.2, No.1 (2014), pp.80-92, available at:

Chintraruck, Alin and John Walsh, “The Allocation of Water Resources to Competing Interests: The Case of Thailand,” Amity Business Journal, Vol.3, No.2 (August, 2014), pp.12-18.

Walsh, John and Nittana Southiseng, “Recalibrating Asymmetric Relationships through Economic and Business Development: The Case of Lao PDR,” Journal of Social and Development Sciences, Vol.5, No.3 (September, 2014), pp.145-54, available at:

Kashif, Muhammad, Umair Altaf, Hafiz M. Ayub, Umer Asif and John Walsh, “Customer Satisfaction at Public Hospitals in Pakistan: PAKSERV Application,” Global Business Review, Vol.15, No.4 (2014), pp.677-93, doi: 10.1177/0972150914543556.

Amponsitra, Fuangfa and John Walsh, “Mobile Telecommunications in Cambodia: Aspects of Competition and Consumer Behaviour,” Pacific Business Review, Vol.7, No.4 (October, 2014), pp.103-, available at:

Lao-Hakosol, Wilaiporn and John Walsh, “The Village Farm Resort and Winery,” South Asian Journal of Business and Management Cases, Vol.3, No.2 (December, 2014), pp.179-86, doi: 10.1177/2277977914548337, abstract available at:

Sujarittanonta, Lavanchawee and John Walsh, “Provincial Patronage Networks and Small Business in the Greater Mekong Sub-Region (GMS): Implications for the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) 2015,” Information Management and Business Review, Vol.6, No.6 (December, 2014), pp.286-300, available at:

Chapters in Books

Chintraruck, Alin and John Walsh, “Integrated Water Resources Management in Thailand and Southeast Asia,” in Linda Brennan, Lukas Parker, Torgeir Aleti Watne, John Flen, Duong Trong Hue and Mai Anh Doan, eds., Growing Sustainable Communities: A Development Guide for Southeast Asia (Prahran, Victoria: Tilde University Press, 2013), pp.69-79.

Walsh, John, “Hallyu as a Government Construct: The Korean Wave in the Context of Economic and Social Development,” in Yasue Kuwahara, ed., The Korean Wave: Korean Popular Culture in Global Context (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014), pp.13-31.

Chintraruck, Alin and John Walsh, “East Water,” in G.D. Sardana, Managing World Class Operations (New Delhi: Bloomsbury Publishing, 2014), pp.248-56.

Walsh, John, “Airline Marketing” (Vol.1, pp.93-5), “Bus Systems, Rural” (Vol.1, pp.336-8), “Disabled Driving and Vehicle Modifications” (Vol.1, pp.440-2), “Highway Landscaping” (Vol.2, pp.734-6), “Incident Detection Systems, Automobile” (Vol.2, pp.787-9), “Parking Lots” (Vol.3, pp.1034-7), “Railroad Industry, Economics of” (Vol.3, pp.1130-2) in Mark Garrett, ed., Encyclopedia of Transportation, Social Science and Policy (Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 2014), in four volumes.

Walsh, John, “Mitsui OSK: Logistics Management and the National Single Window at Thilawa Special Economic Zone, Myanmar,” in G.D. Sardana and Tojo Thatchenkery, eds., Understanding Work Experiences from Multiple Perspectives: New Paradigms for Organizational Excellence (New Delhi: Bloomsbury India, 2015), pp.136-48.

Book Reviews

Arrighi, Giovanni, Adam Smith in Beijing: Lineages of the Twenty-First Century, SIU Journal of Management, Vol.4, No.1 (June, 2014), pp.194-7, available at:

Asian Development Bank and Asia-Pacific Water Forum, Asian Water Development Outlook 2013: Measuring Water Security in Asia and the Pacific, Journal of Shinawatra University, Vol.1, No.2 (May-Aug, 2014), pp.212-4.

Baker, Judy L., ed., Climate Change, Disaster Risk, and the Urban Poor: Cities Building Resistance for a Changing World, SIU Journal of Management, Vol.4, No.1 (Jun, 2014), pp.198-200, available at:

Banks, Iain M., The Hydrogen Sonata, Bookideas, available at:

Baxter, Stephen, Doctor Who: The Wheel of Ice, Bookideas, available at:

Baxter, Stephen, Iron Winter, Bookideas, available at:

Brandt, William F., Jr., COMPASS: Creating Exceptional Organizations: A Leader’s Guide, Bookideas, available at:

Cheesman, Nick, Monique Skidmore and Trevor Wilson, eds., Myanmar’s Transition: Openings, Obstacles and Opportunities, SIU Journal of Management, Vol.4, No.2 (December, 2014), pp.156-9.

Cho, Dong-Sung and Hwy-Chong Moon, International Review of National Competitiveness: A Detailed Analysis of Sources and Rankings, SIU Journal of Management, Vol.4, No.1 (June, 2014), pp.191-3, available at:

Das, Sanchita Basu, ed., Achieving the ASEAN Economic Community 2015: Challenges for Member Countries and Businesses, Asian Integration, available at:

Dazai, Osamu, The Setting Sun, Bookideas, available at:

Dunnett, Dorothy, Caprice and Rondo, Bookideas, available at:

Eagleton, Terry, Why Marx Was Right, Bookideas, available at:

Esslemont, Ian C., Blood and Bone, Bookideas, available at:

Giteau, Madeleine, History of Angkor, Bookideas, available at:

Harris, Ian, Buddhism in a Dark Age: Cambodian Monks under Pol Pot, Journal of Shinawatra University, Vol.1, No.3 (Sep-Dec, 2014), pp.158-61.

Hornyak, Timothy and Rebecca Milner, Lonely Planet Tokyo, Bookideas, available at:

Inoue, Yasushi, The Samurai Banner of Furin Kazan, Bookideas, available at:

Inoue, Yasushi, Tun-Huang, Bookideas, available at:

Kasetsiri, Charnvit, Pou Sothirak and Pavin Chachavalpongpun, Preah Vihear: A Guide to the Thai-Cambodian Conflict and Its Solutions, Journal of Shinawatra University, Vol.1, No.2 (May-Aug, 2014), pp.210-11.

Kitiarsa, Pattana, The ‘Bare Life’ of Thai Migrant Workmen in Singapore, Journal of Shinawatra University, Vol.1, No.2 (May-Aug, 2014), pp.207-9.

Laxness, Halldór, Iceland’s Bell, Bookideas, available at:

Lukyanenko, Sergei, New Watch, Bookideas, available at:

Marston, John A., ed., Ethnicity, Borders, and the Grassroots Interface with the State: Studies on Southeast Asia in Honor or Charles F. Keyes, Journal of Shinawatra University, Vol.1, No.3 (Sep-Dec, 2014), pp.165-8.

Martin, George R.R., A Feast for Crows, Bookideas, available at:

Martin, George R.R., A Storm of Swords, Bookideas, available at:

Mithen, Steven, Thirst: Water and Power in the Ancient World by Steven Mithen, Journal of Shinawatra University, Vol.1, No.1 (Jan-Mar, 2014), pp.121-2.

Nakamura, Fuminori, The Thief, Bookideas, available at:

Navarat, M.R. Nimitmongkol, The Dreams of an Idealist, Bookideas, available at:

Poupon, Roland, The Thai Food Complex: From the Rice Fields to Industrial and Organic Foods, Journal of Shinawatra University, Vol.1, No.1 (Jan-Mar, 2014), pp.123-4.

Simpfendorfer, Ben, The New Silk Road: How a Rising Arab World Is Turning away from the West and Rediscovering China, Journal of Shinawatra University, Vol.1, No.3 (Sep-Dec, 2014), pp.161-5.

Stross, Charles, The Trade of Queens, Bookideas, available at:

Thang, Nguyen Van, Ambiguity of Identity: The Mieu in Northern Vietnam, Bookideas, available at:

Tong, Su, The Madwoman on the Bridge, Bookideas, available at:

Tsutsui, Yasutaka, The Girl Who Leapt through Time, Bookideas, available at:

Varma, Pavan K., The New Indian Middle Class: The Challenge of 2014 and Beyond, SIU Journal of Management, Vol.4, No.2 (December, 2014), pp.163-5.

Williams, Lindy and Michael Philip Guest, eds., Demographic Change in Southeast Asia: Recent Histories and Future Directions,, available at:

Williams, Michelle and Vishwas Satgar, eds., Marxisms in the 21st Century: Crisis, Critique and Struggle, SIU Journal of Management, Vol.4, No.2 (December, 2014), pp.159-63.


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