SIU Journal of Management, Vol.4, No.2 (December, 2014) Published

The Vol.4, No.2 (December, 2014) issue of the SIU Journal of Management was published at the end of last year and is now available online (

The table of contents is as follows:

SIU Journal of Management, Vol.4, No.2 (December, 2014)

Download the full journal here.


Editor’s Introduction (download) 4
International Communication – a Strategic Approach – Cornelis Reiman (download) 7


1. Institutional Managers’ Business Administration Skills and Income Generation Capacity in Colleges of Education in South West, Nigeria – P.O. Okunola and A.A. Adekunle (download) 24
2. FDI versus Kirana Stores: A Political Stunt or a Battle for Survival – Ritika Gauba and Ravi Dhingra (download)


3. Are Accelerators an Option? The Impact of Accelerators on the Indian Start-up Ecosystem – Manoj Joshi and Balvinder Shukla (download)


4. Does Unemployment Increase Suicide? A Cross-Sectional Analysis – Mohammad Shahab Uddin, M.M. Islam and Sayed Azfar Hussain (download)


5. Intellectual Capital Disclosure: A Comparative Study of Information Technology Companies of India and Bangladesh – Sumon Bhattacharjee and Swadip Bhattacharjee (download)


6 Service Quality in Commercial Banks: A Customer Oriented Empirical Study of State Bank of India – Ritika Gauba and R.C. Mishra (download)



ICMC 2014 (download) 145
International Workshop on Communication in the Era of the ASEAN Economic Community, Shinawatra University, December 17th-18th, 2014 (download) 149


1. Cheesman, Nick, Monique Skidmore and Trevor Wilson, eds., Myanmar’s Transition: Openings, Obstacles and Opportunities – John Walsh (download) 156
2. Williams, Michelle and Vishwas Satgar, eds., Marxisms in the 21st Century: Crisis, Critique and Struggle – John Walsh (download) 159
3. Pavan K. Varma, The New Indian Middle Class: The Challenge of 2104 and Beyond – John Walsh (download) 163

CALL FOR PAPERS                                                                                                           167

AUTHOR’S GUIDELINES                                                                                                    169

ABOUT SHINAWATRA UNIVERSITY                                                                                171

EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD                                                                                        173


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