Impacts of Nam Mang 3 Hydropower Dam on Resettled Villagers in Lao PDR

Current Issue Cover

This paper has been accepted by Agrarian South and is due to be published some time next year:

Phoutkanya Dalasavong, Nittana Southiseng and John Walsh, “Impacts of Nam Mang 3 Hydropower Dam on Resettled Villagers in Lao PDR.”


The building of the Nam Mang 3 hydroelectricity power project between 2001-3 caused the resettlement of some 140 local households. Although compensation was promised to those being resettled, no long-term survey of the change in living circumstances of the resettled has been conducted. To address this gap in knowledge, exploratory research was conducted through questionnaire survey and in-depth personal interviews. A total of 69 of the resettled people were interviewed, from January-April, 2013. Data were gathered about land compensation, access to health-care and education services and clean water, as well as income opportunities and community and social relations in the new environment. Results indicated a number of problems relating to resettlement compensation and the ability of those affected to re-establish a way of life in their new environment similar to what they had left behind. However, some had prospered because of new income generating opportunities while new neighbours were characterized as friendly and welcoming. There is a need for better basic services for those resettled, for resources, transportation infrastructure and land allocated for a graveyard.

Key words: Resettlement, compensation, livelihood, hydroelectric project


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