Review of Eagleton’s Why Marx Was Right


My review of Terry Eagleton’s Why Marx Was Right has been published at Bookideas.

Terry Eagleton is a leading literary theorist and one of Britain’s leading intellectuals and writers. His work has often considered the impact of Marxism on contemporary culture and society – his Marxism and Literary Criticism, for example, is a tiny jewel of a book(although I do have a few things to say about his use of punctuation) . Here, according to his preface, he was inspired by this idea: “What if all the most familiar objections to Marx’s work are mistaken? Or at least, if not totally wrongheaded, mostly so (p.ix)?” Over the course of the next 250 plus pages of elegant text that make up my copy of the book, he outlines in ten different chapters ten different areas of criticism and then mostly dismisses them.

Read the full review here.


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