Western, Buddhist and Hindu Women Entrepreneurs: What Are the Differences?


A new paper has been accepted for publication at the journal Information Management and Business Review. It is: Thakur, Reema and John Walsh, “Western, Buddhist and Hindu Women Entrepreneurs: What Are the Differences?”


A burgeoning strand of western-dominated management literature has begun to address the nature, characteristics and intentions of female entrepreneurs. Understandably, this literature has tended to emphasise western ideas and concepts, such that women entrepreneurs are pictured within the context of time-limited entrepreneurial ventures which are to be harvested for maximum value, albeit with some behavioural issues added to the mix. Research among women entrepreneurs in Thailand has indicated that there may be some important differences in the characteristics and intentions of such entrepreneurs: to some extent, these differences result from the location-specific economic and cultural factors affecting those entrepreneurs but, nevertheless, there is space in the analysis of differences to identify some cultural and gender issues that are relevant. In order to investigate these issues more deeply, a conceptual framework is drawn for western, Buddhist (Thai) and Hindu female entrepreneurs that incorporates economic, cultural and gender issues and a variety of secondary data sources are employed to determine the degree to which the existing evidence fits this framework. Conclusions are drawn from this process and recommendations for future research provided.


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