Business Strategies Used by Micro-SMEs in a Bangkok Street Market


My paper “Business Strategies Used by Micro-SMEs in a Bangkok Street Market” has been published on Earlycite at the Journal of Enterprising Communities. The abstract is now available:

Walsh, John, “Business Strategies Used by Micro-SMEs in a Bangkok Street Market,” Journal of Enterprising Communities, Vol.8, No.2 (2014), pp.  , abstract available at:


Purpose – This paper reports on research aimed at determining the nature of business strategies employed by micro-SME street vendors in a local market area in Bangkok.

Design/methodology/approach – The research consisted of longitudinal study of the defined research site, involving ethnographic interaction and observation mediated by the use of a research diary.

Findings – The research found that the use of business strategies was quite limited and varied in line with the street vendor’s relationships with other actors and business practitioners.

Research limitations/implications – The research was deliberately limited in terms of space and is ongoing in terms of time. Additional areas of Bangkok will also be studied for comparative purposes.

Practical implications – Street vending and street markets offer valuable opportunities for informal employment and for part-time employment to provide additional income generation for the working poor. Vendors also help sustain decent standard of living for migrant workers.

Originality/value – This paper contributes to the literature on street vending and urban micro-entrepreneurs and will be of interest not just to scholars of business but also in planning for social policy and urban management.


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