Integrated Water Resources Management in Thailand and Southeast Asia


The hard copy of our paper has now arrived: Chintraruck, Alin and John Walsh, “Integrated Water Resources Management in Thailand and Southeast Asia,” in Linda Brennan, Lukas Parker, Torgeir Aleti Watne, John Flen, Duong Trong Hue and Mai Anh Doan, eds., Growing Sustainable Communities: A Development Guide for Southeast Asia (Prahran, Victoria: Tilde University Press, 2013), pp.69-79.


Water resource management in Thailand is characterized by competition for scarce resources between industry, the tourist sector and public citizens, in a country in which environmental degradation and erratic climatic patterns are making the controlled flow of water increasingly difficult. The overlapping interests of different government agencies were demonstrated during the 2011 flooding. To overcome this, a new water management approach is emerging which is fraught with pragmatic compromise and postponement or avoidance of power relations issues. This situation is relevant to other Southeast Asian nations both in terms of geographical and climatic pressures on water resources in rapidly industrializing and urbanizing states and also in terms of competing interests in conditions of constrained democracy.


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