Issues in Implementing Integrated Water Resources Management in Thailand



Announcing: Chintraruck, Alin and John Walsh, “Issues in Implementing Integrated Water Resources Management in Thailand,” Global Business and Economics Review, forthcoming, available at:

Abstract: Purpose (mandatory): this research paper explores the issues surrounding the implementation of the integrated water resources management (IWRM) system in Thailand. Design/methodology/approach (mandatory): the research is based on in depth, personal interviews with experts from 20 different institutions using semi-structured interview agendas and synthesized with secondary data. Findings (mandatory): the principal problems involved with implementing IWRM result from political interference, the cross-scalar nature of contests for resources, the complexity of Thailands water sources and lack of awareness. Research limitations/implications (if applicable): the research took place in the aftermath of the disastrous 2011 floods and so the fierce urgency of disaster mitigation coloured the opinions of some respondents. Practical implications (if applicable): the interaction between private and public sectors in Thailand involves the intersection between feudal and capitalist systems. To overcome blockages, it may be necessary to incorporate additional use of market mechanisms in water provision. Social implications (if applicable): the need for genuine public participation in this debate is noted. Originality/value (mandatory): the paper approaches water resources from the management perspective rather than the more normal technical or engineering approach.

Keywords: Thailand, water management, integrated water resources management, development, public participation, private and public sectors

This paper has been accepted and now appears on the website as a forthcoming paper – not sure whether it will see its way into print this year and might have to wait until 2015.


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