Return of the Walking Brain Dead

IMG_0883This morning seven or eight buses pulled up outside out building – which we share with VoiceTV. People slowly got off and began milling about, as if they did not really know what to do. Eventually the keepers herded them towards the gates, where they blew whistles and held up signs.


Fortunately we had plenty of police present to protect us. I noticed there were about thirty formed up when I arrived this morning and some of them had protection and riot gear, so it seems they knew something was likely to happen today.

IMG_0892If you look carefully, you can see the woman at the front is holding a sign saying “We believe in obvious lies, why don’t you?” The one next to her is holding a sign saying “Fewer facts and more hate-fuelled prejudice!” (I believe the Chulalongkorn University Alumni Association is debating whether to adopt this as their official motto). The man at the back is handing out leaflets entitled ‘Will hate anyone for money.”

We closed up and left by another exit.


Brains! Brains! We haven’t got any ….







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