Trade Facilitation and Trading across Borders: A Case Study of India


Announcing: Surendar Singh and R.C Mishra, “Trade Facilitation and Trading across Borders: A Case Study of India,” SIU Journal of Management, Vol.3, No.2 (December, 2013).


Trade facilitation has been a matter of great interest among policymakers around the globe and particularly in India. Trade facilitation is broadly defined as a set of policies aiming to reduce the cost of exports and imports. It has been used as the key instrument for promoting the exports of a country. India has also taken various steps through trade facilitation programmes to promote its exports. In the light of the above, the first part of the paper reviews trade facilitation programmes initiated by India; the second part analyzes India’s performance in terms of trade facilitation vis-à-vis China, Brazil, South Africa and Russia. It further explores trading across borders at selected ports of India. The final section of the paper highlights the recent measures by various trade facilitating institutions to improve trade facilitation in India.

Keywords: export performance, trade expansion, trade facilitation, trade logistics, trade regulatory measures

Download the full paper here.


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