A Model of Tourism Location Development: Evidence from Nan and Chiang Khan in Thailand



I am back now from Penang, where I was invited to give the vote of thanks and also had the chance to present:

A Model of Tourism Location Development: Evidence from Nan and Chiang Khan in Thailand


Tourism is a very important industry in Thailand both in its own right and also as a means of promoting regional economic development within the country and adding value to economic activities to support higher-quality jobs. This is to be achieved through the application of the concept of the creative city. Two locations which have been at the forefront of this approach are Chiang Khan and Nan in northeast Thailand, which are known for the walking street in the case of the former and a series of famous temple wall paintings in the case of the latter. Examination of conditions in these two towns, combined with analysis of secondary data and existing literature, has yielded a model of tourism location development which is to be tested further using additional data from the research sites and other places. The model rests on three principal elements: stable allocation of resources; genuine social capital and connectivity. These are necessary to provide a developed location that offers good quality services, authentic experiences and the ability to retain tourism industry revenue in the area in which it is generated. The implications of this stage of the research are discussed and a schedule for further examination and refinement of the model proposed.

Keywords: connectivity, jobs, location development, Thailand, tourism.



I will be submitting the full paper to a journal shortly.


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