SIU Journal of Management

These are the links to the individual papers.

Editor’s Introduction                                                                     download


Arab Spring or Asian Monsoon? Civil Society and Social Movements in Southeast Asia by Teresita Del Rosario          download


1. Strategic Human Resource Management Practices in the Indian Electronics Industry: A Study of Selected Units Situated in the National Capital Region                         download

Birender Singh Chauhan, R.C.S. Rajpurohit & D.S. Kheeche

2. The Determinants of Financial Development: New Evidence from Middle East and North Africa Region                                                                                                       download

Manizheh Falahaty and Law Siong Hook

3. An Evaluation of Corporate Governance Practices in the Banking Sector of Bangladesh

S.M. Zahidur Rahman, S.M. Arifuzzaman & M.M. Khairul Alam              download

4. Linkwell Telesystems: The Rise of a Technology Firm                        download

Manoj Joshi i                                                                                                                                                 5. Organizational Citizenship Behaviour – Determinant towards Being Strategic Fit                            download

Tannu Verma and Rohit Mathur

6. Study of Women’s Buying Behaviour as regards Cosmetics in Surat Region, India                                                                                                      download

Shailesh Limbad


1st SIU International Conference, January 2013                                  download

ICMC, December 2012                                                                        download

ICGBE, February 2013                                                                        download


  1. Innovation Systems in Southeast Asia, edited by Apiwat Ratanawaraha, Pun-Arj Chairatana & William W. Ellis – by John Walsh                                             download
  2. Industrialization with a Weak State: Thailand’s Development in Historical Perspective by Somboon Siriprachai – by John Walsh                                         download

CALL FOR PAPERS                                                                            download

AUTHOR’S GUIDELINES                                                                   download

ABOUT SHINAWATRA UNIVERSITY                                                 download

EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD                                                         download


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