Seasonal Labour Migration from a Rural Nepalese Village


This paper, by Dilip Kumar Jha and myself, has been accepted for presentation at the forthcoming ICGBE Conference to be held in Bangkok in June.


This paper investigates seasonal migration of villagers in poor, rural households in VDC-Dekaha, Mahottari in Nepal. Seasonal migration for work is often their principal source of income and so moving to India to work in agricultural activities in rural areas or factory work in large cities is a widespread and almost compulsory phenomenon. The length of time that they can stay and the income that they can earn is not known in advance and the workers must find whatever work is available after they arrive in their location. The migrants are males over the age of 14, while women generally remain in the village to provide domestic and emotional labour. This paper reports on research conducted by direct observation of a rural Nepalese household as part of a larger research project involving mitigation of poverty in the country. Interim findings aree presented and some implications drawn for future investigation.

Keywords: migration, Nepal, poverty, rural households

Dilip Kumar Jha and John Walsh, Shinawatra University


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