SIU Conference 2013

The 1st Shinawatra University International Conference has been successfully concluded – as far as I know, everything went well – at least from my perspective, which was to organise the academic paper presentations and help make sure they passed off properly. Here are a few photos from the sessions I attended and after this post I will provide details of presented papers with which I was associated.

IMG_0063Here is Provost Aj Dr Chanchai Bunchapattanasakda opening the conference – he was appointed Chair of the Organizing Committee.


Here is the registration desk – we were assisted throughout the conference by many student volunteers who did a great job in showing people around, fetching things and doing all the kind of work that is needed to organise this kind of event.


Here is K Sirirat Ngamsang presenting at an academic conference for the first time. She was joined in this by Phramaha Min Buddhithanasombat as well as old hands K Alin Chintraruck, K Warita Sinthuyont, K Petcharat Lovichakorntikul, K Kittichok Nithisathian, Aj Reema Thakur and Aj Dilip Kumar Jha. I also presented a paper on behalf of Aj Lavanchawee Sujarittinonta, who is at I-Hsou University in Taiwan.


Here is a view of part of the audience for yesterday afternoon’s first session, of which I was chair. We were joined by K Sirima from Chiang Rai Rajabhat University’s Mekong Development Studies PhD Program (she is on the right).

IMG_0066Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of  Education Mr. Phongthep Thepkanjana gave a keynote speech on the first morning – he spoke well, indicating the importance (since the conference theme was on governance in the public and private sectors) of accountability for the leaders of public organisations (eg the Election Commission, the National Anti-Corruption Committee or Commission etc) which were set up as part of the 1997 Constitution to which he contributed) to the same extent that other organisations and politicians face.


Finally, our President Prof Dr. Voradej Chandrasond gave the closing address and dedicated the conference and its intellectual labour to HM the King (which is included in the full title of the conference).

Sorry I am not very good with photos. You can find much better ones at the SIU website and via the FB site of K Tanarat – the principal organiser of everything.


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