Overview of Health Management in Thailand: The Role of Clinical Governance


Announcing (in chronological order): Walsh, John, “Overview of Health Management in Thailand: The Role of Clinical Governance,” paper presented at the SIU International Conference (January 30-31st, 2013).


The health industry in Thailand is changing in response to the need to provide more low access cost health care to the majority of the population, the aspiration to become an international hub for tourism health care, the need to adjust to the potential flow of professionals across the Southeast Asian region resulting from the projected 2015 ASEAN Economic Community and the restructuring of the labour force as part of the effort to exit from the Middle Income Trap. These changes are nation-wide and require cooperation from a range of ministries and also require the support of society as a whole; that support will result from fostering of social solidarity through, in part, better explanation of why policies are changing and what the objectives will be in the short, medium and long-terms. It is, of course, essential that proper management of quality and health care within involved organizations – i.e. clinical governance – is also fostered and maintained as the highest possible level in both the public and private sectors. In this paper, the various challenges facing long term health management in Thailand are enumerated and the policy options available assessed, before the implications for clinical governance are described and potential solutions and conclusions offered.

Keywords: clinical governance, healthcare, Thailand


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