End of Year Writing Accounts

From a productivity perspective, 2012 was a mixed year: I fulfilled my duties as editor of the SIU Journal of Management and as Regional Editor (Southeast Asia) for Emerald’s Emerging Markets Case Studies Collection. I completed 27 peer reviews for academic journals and joined this and that editorial and advisory board.

As for writing: I set a target of 20 academic papers to be published and achieved 17 – there may be one or two more that turn up with 2012 dates. That’s not too bad: two have international impact factor ratings. I set a further total of 20 international conference presentations and again fell short with 16 but had the chance to travel to Korea, India, Malaysia, Laos and Chiang Mai to present them (in addition to Bangkok).

For book chapters, I have received seven and three more are supposed to have been published but have not yet turned up – as well as 115 online articles via the Triond websites (target 100). These in themselves are often inconsequential but I quite like doing them as they help me to crystallize my thoughts on a particular subject and they provide an easy publication fix.

The fiction and other publications categories were not very unsuccessful: 2 out of 10 and 4 out of 10 respectively.

Finally, I wrote a total of 60 book reviews, 53 at Bookideas, five at the SIU Journal of Management, one at the Journal of International and Global Studies and one at Slingshot (I think the target was 52 – i.e. one a week).

For 2013, I am going to set the following targets:

Published international academic journal papers: 20

International conference presentations: 20

Book chapters and contributions: 10

Other publications: 10

Fiction: 10

Book Reviews: 52

Online Articles: 200

Let’s see how it goes.


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