Review of Ann Danaiya Usher’s Thai Forestry: A Critical History

Thai Forestry 2The destruction of Thailand’s forests is one of the great ecological disasters of the contemporary world. For thousands of years, people had lived in harmony with the forests and its many products and know how to conserve it so as to maintain the trees, plants, animals and the sacred nature of the space – many revered monks have taken residence in forests and the trees themselves may be considered hosts of spirits according to animist beliefs. It was certainly possible to clear some areas and irrigate them for the wt paddy rice agriculture which is the basis of all of Thai society – that is, the range of peoples belonging to the linguistic-ethnic group comprising the Lao, Shan, Thai, Zhuang and many others who have formed states from Assam in the west to Hainan in the east.

Read the full review here.


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