Ital-Thai Development Co. Ltd.

I am off in a few minutes to New Delhi and then Greater Noida in Uttar Pradesh to attent the 2012 version of ICMC – this year I am going to describe my case study concerning Ital-Thai Development Co. Ltd. and Dawei Special Economic Zone. This is part of an annual (or nearly annual, I couldn’t go when the airports were occupied) trip to India which has yielded six book chapters, four journal publications, membership of various editorial boards, my role as Regional Editor at Emerald’s Emerging Market Case Studies Collection, as well as the contract for one of the books I am currently working on and hoping to complete before the end of the year – not to mention the various contacts I have made there and friendships made. This is 2012’s case study summary:


The Dawei Industrial Estate is one of the principal means by which the newly-opening Burmese [Myanmarese] economy will engage with the world. It is being constructed largely by Ital-Thai Development (ITD), a company which has been involved with various controversies in large-scale infrastructure projects. Dawei faces concerns over forcible evictions and environmental concerns: how does ITD deal with these issues?


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