Johnny the Dragon Slayer

Today’s dramatic events saw our Ladprao castle invaded by a horrible dragon, nobly spotted by eagle-eyed daughter. Sir Daddy leapt downstairs and, pausing only to seize an umbrella (and cough a little as mother-in-law was intent on spraying the world to death with anti-insect spray),  rousted the monster from behind the sofa and beat it mercilessly to death.

This mighty, vicious and pernicious beast (courtesy of these guys) is, I think, what the creature was – Chrysopelea ornata ornatissima (Golden Tree Snake) (ngu kieo lai dok mak) – it is supposed not to be dangerous to human beings but poisonous nevertheless, a member of the viper family, prone to biting immediately when cornered and able to climb walls (which it had done). This one was perhaps 30 cm or 12 inches long, perhaps a little longer and no thicker and any point than my little finger. Admittedly, I have been reliably informed that I have fingers like sausages but there you go.

Did I tell you I killed a preying or possible praying mantis in Sudan once?



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