Asian Food Heritage Conference 2012

The conference finished yesterday and Khun Thanan successfully delivered our paper to a small but select audience. The first day we had the guest of hoour HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirinthorn (seen below). She listened to the keynote speeches and made plenty of notes. A Professor Zhao from Zhejiang Gongshang University composed a poem in Chinese in her honour over lunch and declaimed it (not often one can often justifiably use the word ‘declaimed’ but here I can). Everyone seemed terribly pleased with how it all worked out.

After the first session we were informed that photography in the main hall was strictly forbidden, although the place was full of media people doing thir thing. Anyway, here is a (pre-announcement) picture of other delegates in the main hall.

The first day lunch was a sit down affair – here is what a slice of the Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel black forest gateau looks like:

The food was all very nuce although, since the conference was based on Asian food heritage, I had rather expected more Asian style dishes – the second day’s lunch was in the buffet restaurant downstairs and that had its various Japanese, Indian, Chinese and Thai components. Anyway, the next iteration of the conference will be in Hangzhou, possibly next year or the year after. There is scope for another university to help in organization, as rotating between two (Zhejiang Gongshang and Chulalongkorn) was, according to the chairperson, a bit of a strain.


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