Going Global – Lessons Learned in Asia

Reiman, Cornelis, “Going Global – Lessons Learned in Asia,” SIU Journal of Management, Vol.2, No.1 (June, 2012), pp.7-38.


Globalisation is commonplace. Management talent, increasingly, can shift geographically in accordance with rising demand for people who have the necessary skills to fill roles in other countries. Of course, there are many benefits from working internationally. There is exposure to new cultures of countries that have ethnic, religious and social foundations in stark contrast to that of one’s home country. In a work context, there are different corporate or organisational cultures, too, especially when many of these are coloured by the aforementioned socio-foundations of the prevailing population. Furthermore, there is the unique experience, and considerable challenge, gained from dealing with people in such settings, especially when working in an entity that is the product of a paternal society.

Key words: Asia, employee effectiveness, employee reliability, international management, paternal culture, Thailand.

Author: Dr. Cornelis Reiman applies international start-up, turnaround and business development skills as a board-level advisor. Currently, he is based in Thailand.

Find the paper here.


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