Cultural Sociology of the Middle East, Asia, and Africa

Newly arrived this morning was this four volume encyclopedia “Cultural Sociology of the Middle East, Asia, and Aftrica,” which looks very handsome indeed. My contributions are all in the third volume on East and Southeast Asia.

My articles are:

Walsh, John, “Archaeology,” pp.3-4, “Birth Control in China,” pp.211-3, “Bureaucracy,” pp.12-3, “Chou En-lai,” pp.232-3, “Communism and Maoism,” pp.248-50,” “Corruption,” pp.252-5, “Cultural Revolution,” pp.255-7, “Dance,” pp.25-6, “Economy,” pp.26-7, “European Economic Impact,” pp.117-8, “Family Life and Structure (Prehistory to 1200),” pp.32-3, “Family Life and Structure (1200-1900),” pp.118-9, “Family Life and Structure (1900 to Present),” pp.273-4, “Feudalism, Asian,” pp.33-4, “Forced Labor/Corvée,” pp.37-8, “Imperial Rule,” pp.43-4, “Internal Migration,” pp.293-4, “Japanese Emperors and Shoguns,” pp.131-4, “Kim Regime (North Korea),” pp.302-4, “Modernity,” pp.330-1, “Mongol Wars,” pp.157-9, “Nationalism,” pp.163-5, “Peasants,” pp.62-4, “Plantations, British,” pp.167-8, “Plantations, Dutch,” pp.169-70, “Plantations, French,” pp.170-2, “Poverty,” pp.348-51, “Sexuality,” pp.367-8, “Shang Dynasty,” pp.70-2, “Taiwan,” pp.375-7, “Taoism,” pp.189-91, “Three Sovereigns/Five Emperors,” pp.80-1, “Westernization,” pp.195-7, “Women (Prehistory to 1200),” pp.83-5, “Women (1200 to 1900),” pp.197-9, “Xia Dynasty,” pp.89-90, “Xin Dynasty,” pp.90-1, “Zhou, Eastern,” pp.91-2, “Zhou, Western,” pp.92-4, in Peter J. Seybolt, ed., Cutural Sociology of the Middle East, Asia, and Africa: An Encyclopedia (Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 2012), Volume 3: East and Southeast Asia.

Writing so many qualified me for receipt of the full set. If you would like a copy of your own, the US Amazon site lists a set at just $400.31 plus postage (



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