The Impact of Corporate Performance Assessment on Employee Attitudes in International Hotels in Yangon, Myanmar

Lay Su Yin and John Walsh, “The Impact of Corporate Performance Assessment on Employee Attitudes in International Hotels in Yangon, Myanmar,” paper to be presented at the International Conference on Global Business Environment (ICGBE) (Bangkok: Feburary, 2012).


This paper explores the human resource practices concerning performance assessment and analyzing management opinion on performance appraisal results at international hotels in Yangon, which is the former capital of Myanmar [Burma]. The aim of this research was to identify the most appropriate and applicable performance assessment system for both employees and management. Further, not only was the reaction of management towards performance assessment analyzed but recommendations for enhancing overall performance of the hotel industry in Yangon were also drawn. Both quantitative and qualitative techniques were utilized to collect data, with questionnaires distributed to non-management employees of 11 international hotels in Yangon (303 responses collected) and semi-structured interviews conducted with respective top management personnel to determine their reaction to performance assessment results. Analysis indicates that performance assessment outcomes strongly influence employee performance and motivation although, unexpectedly, both performance assessment method and frequency per year were found to be irrelevant to the employee decisions to remain in post. It was also discovered that, in most of the international hotels in Yangon sampled, the purposes of appraisal are changing towards strategic and developmental purposes instead of administrative purposes only. The implications of the results for corporate and human resource development strategy are discussed and conclusions and recommendations drawn.


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