Pathum Thani

I am out at the main campus now – the first time I have been here since before the floods came. The trip was extended by the best part of an hour because of the blockages on the road, debris and abandoned cars and so forth.

A great deal of the roadside communities had been badly affected – the watermarks showed just how high up the floods reached. I saw several cars that had been washed off the road and dumped into the ditches or lower ground along the roadside. Some offroad areas were still flooded but others, commercial and residential buildings, seem to have had the water pumped out.

Closer to the university, which is set in mostly agricultural land, nearly all the off road land remains under water (perhaps there is nowehere to pump the water to?).

The university building itself is open and reasonably clean, although the land around still bears the marks of the mud and dust. From the fourth floor, where I now sit, this is one of the views.

 It looks like flooded lands extend as far as can be imagined. It will need a few weeks at least for it all to drain away. The river and the klongs I saw on the way out here are also at pretty high levels. I’m not sure how long it will take to get back to the graduate campus and then home tonight.


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