Okhna Mong Port Co. Ltd.

I am off on Wednesday morning for my annual trip to New Delhi for the Case Management Conference, which this year is based at Greater Noida. The abstract is below:

Okhna Mong Port Co. Ltd.

Type of Case: Teaching

Focus of Case: the business-government relationship, globalization of emerging economies, ethics of investment

Abstract: Okhna Mong Port Co. Ltd. is part of Cambodia’s Mong Reththy Group and was created in 2002 to develop some 64 hectares of land in the southwest of the country as a private sector port, integrated with special economic zone, resort area and other facilities. Cambodia has been moving towards the factory age or the East Asian Economic Model, in which low labour costs provide competitiveness for large-scale manufacturing of mostly low value-added products primarily aimed at exporting. Clearly, an efficient port and attendant infrastructure will be of great assistance in promoting industrialization of the country. Further, infrastructure is an enabling technology that should provide benefits to anyone who wishes to take advantage of it, from individuals right up to the largest corporations. However, there is some concern that making this vital part of the country’ economic development solely part of the private sector is a form of the new enclosure of the commons and that, since it will reduce the role and effectiveness of state agencies within its confines, workers’ rights and protections will be compromised. This case study uses thick description of the Cambodian market, in the context of Mekong Region industrialisation more generally, to analyse the extent to which infrastructure provision is likely to benefit the country as a whole, the equitable distribution of new income opportunities and the social development of the country. Students will be asked to consider whether the existing public-private relationship may be considered to be optimal and what alternatives might be suggested. Additionally, they will be encouraged to debate the various routes to economic development and which of these should be chosen both by Cambodia and by other countries facing the same developmental goals.

Keywords: Cambodia, infrastructure, corruption, economic development, government

I will probably be out of contact for a few days during the conference but will be back home on Sunday. Monday is a holiday and Father’s Day (it’s the King’s Birthday) and back in the office on Tuesday.

Incidentally, sometimes it is spelt ‘Okhna’ and sometimes ‘Oknha.’


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