The GLB, Politics and Corruption

The story with the Great Ladprao Burglary (GLB) has moved on to the political and corruption aspects, so it is safe for me to talk about now – you might note that yesterday a 60 year old man was sentenced to 20 years’ imprisonment (probably in solitary confinement) because some of the country’s thousands of censors claimed that four SMS messages were sent from his mobile telephone to an aide of the bloodstained former PM Abisit without any additional evidence under the lese majeste law.

The Perm Sec who was robbed, Khun Supoj Saplom, is closely linked with the Bhumjaithai faction whose MPs (allegedly) accepted forty million baht in cash each from army personnel using money from the public purse to  switch allegiance from the people who voted for them to the military’s candidates, the Democrat Party. Allegedly.

It always seemed likely that this decision would not be forgotten – there are various reasons; not the least of which is the malicious cold-blooded murder by the army to date unexplained deaths of scores of pro-democracy demonstrators last year and the disappearances of dozens of others  related incidents. I may have mentioned this dozens of times before (but most of the time I have practiced the self-censorship famous for Thailand – in fact, much of the Mekong Region).

Well, it is kicking off now: the Perm Sec is accused of hosting the bribe money offered for awarding the contracts for expansion of the MRTA, on the board of which he sits (I mentioned this the other day – perspicacious readers will have understood what I was suggesting then) and Khun Chalerm (no stranger to controversy himself) is the designated attack person in this case.

At the Thai Studies Conference this year, the leading Prof in this field Craig Reynolds observed that, having dismissed Marxism and Buddhism as the means of understanding Thai society, had now determined that the real field of study was risk management. From my humble position, I would suggest that he has a point.


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