The Worst Has, Once More, Passed Us By

The situation in our part of Ladprao remains the same today – there is no change in the nearby sois and the rain shower that occurred an hour or so ago did not stimulate any overflows. The msot recent high tide has passed (last night was Loy Krathong with its attendant full moon) and reports are that flood levels in most places are starting to decline. There is still a long way to go, of course, and many people have suffered because of the natural disaster.  Let us hope things now go as predicted and the waters recede so that we are back more or less to a normal way of life within a couple of weeks.

We have not heard of people breaking down dikes or barriers recently – have they stopped doing it, are they still doing it but no one is reporting it or was the damage actually caused by the fingers of the invisible hand?

The cost of the floods has been enormous, with more than 500 people now said to have been killed as a result.  Attention increasingly shifts to the need to rebuild the manufacturing sector and restoring tourism, investor confidence and so forth. It would be nice to think that, at this time of tragic emergency, all sectors of society will join together …..

Alas, no.

Disappointingly but as widely expected, bloodstained hypocrite Abhisit Vejjajiva is leading the attempt to try to undermine the democratically elected government in concert with an aacademic from Chulalongkorn University who is planning to sue on some strange basis – Chulalongkorn University also gave us the doctors who broke the Hippocratic Oath by refusing to treat police officers who had been wounded by the neo-fascist PAD thugs. Expect lengthy stories in the press about obscure claims of misconduct as the forces of reaction try to engineer another judicial coup. They have learned nothing.


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