Sunday Evening as Waters Gather

The number of deaths attributed to the flood has suddenly leaped to 506 – no explanation is provided for this sudden jump. There is little else to report – the water continues on its way and the media are trying to build up some kind of argument between the BMA and the elected government (with the former representing virtuous, authoritarian elites and the latter representing spendthrift, populist politicians with the probably infernal ability to encourage people to vote for them repeatedly in their many millions). It’s a lazy and obviously overblown story.

Pawana junction, according to a sign posted (presumably by the police at our junction) has water at 30 cm and the road is blocked off at Chok Chai 4. There was a report that it will no longer travel by road but will move underground and emerge from the drains. However, there are many reports of different things.

Presumably it will be a case of staying at home tomorrow but we will see how it goes.



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