Ladprao Flooding News

The news now is that a leak in the Lak Hok barrier is allowing water to move towards Ladprao, while (from a different cause?) water is flowing from Ratchayothin and Viphawadi Roads towards the Ladprao junctions at a rate described by different sources as ‘within a week’ or ‘two hours.’

Sandbags, the giant ones I think, are being deployed to hinder the flow of water and, as and when it does arrive, we are advised to expect no more than 50 cm. As I have noted before, less than 50 cm and we (speaking from a purely selfish point of view here) will be OK, although discommoded and possibly stuck at home for a couple of days. That in itself would be fine if the electricity and water supplies hold out – patience will also be a virtue in such circumstances.

Well, let’s see how it plays out over the course of the afternoon – repairs to the dikes etc as well as proper management should help to drain off more of the water, improving the situation for just about everyone – which brings us to the question, who is really damaging the dikes? We are informed by the gutter press (and we do not have any other) that it is ‘ill-intentioned’ poor people acting selfishly. Who else might benefit from chaotic scenes and the declaration of a state of emergency? Who is usually responsible for the bombings, arson attacks, sabotage and other criminal acts that undermine the rule of democratically elected officials?


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