Water Spreads although Worst Has Passed

Owing to local failures in dikes and overcapacity, the water continues to spread to new areas (and indeed is closing in again on Ladprao, the Heart of Bangkok). The water is not moving very quickly – it seems to have to halt at a variety of hindrances, where it builds up and then can suddenly overwhelm local defences and inundates a new area.

The FROC people have pointed out that the tides are lower for the next week or so and the total amount of water involved is declining. However, there is still a great deal of water to be drained into the sea or else retained in ponds and so forth and it will take a few weeks before all is squared away in Bangkok.

Viphawadi-Rangsit road is closed from Wat Samian Naree out and the water continues to seep into sois behind Viphawadi Hospital. It is advancing along several roads. Authorities are working to repair holers in dikes and to reposition the giant sandbags (2.5 tons, according to some sources) to protect various areas. It will be a long job.


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