The Worst of the Flood Is Over, Perhaps

Good morning,

Well, it is Monday a.m. now and there are no new reports of substantial increases in flooded areas and a number of reports suggesting that water levels are declining slightly around the affected area.

Lad Prao remains dry at the moment, although it is said that floods have reached Viphawadi Hospital which is, simultaneously, not far from here and also indicative of how slowly it is approaching – it seems ages since Don Mueang went under and I started to hear that it was going to reach the mouth of Lad Prao imminently.

The current mood, based on the PM’s latest pronouncement and those of other officials, is that the worst may just be over but it is necessary to remain vigilant, in case a dike is breached or some kind of ‘mob’ breaks down the defences. We’ll see. As I write, the morning high tide is approaching and if we get through that, then another possible problem has been passed.

Good luck to anyone who has been flooded.


One thought on “The Worst of the Flood Is Over, Perhaps

  1. This flood has more hype than the Segway ever had. I’m becoming immune to everyone else’s preparedness, like the more concrete barriers I see then less I become worried. One guy at the condo here (Viphavadi 16) has his entire truck sealed in a plastic bag yet the canal level remains the same 🙂

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